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Posted on 2009.03.07 at 19:22
Current Mood: lonelylonely
haaaateeee my liiiiiiiife

Posted on 2008.01.19 at 23:19
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Cloverfield was awesome! i really liked it. i was scared at the end and dan had to sleep over cuz i was too afraid to sleep by myself. i was so scared we had to close the blinds cuz i thought the monster was gonna get me. it was really good tho like shot from 1st person like blair witch. it was awesome. i was drinking a little beforehand so i want to see it completely sober. probably better. disturbing ending. i want to see it again tho. didnt make that mch money today at work. hopefully tomorrow will be better and i need to pick up my prescription. kinda tired gotta figure out holds on my record at southern. im such a procrastinator. hate it. uggggh.

Posted on 2007.12.11 at 15:08
Current Mood: moodymoody
being online bores and pisses me off.

Posted on 2007.08.23 at 10:24
Current Mood: fine
i'm such a mess.

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 09:45
Current Mood: happyhappy
it was sooo much fun yesterday. got up at like 10, went to pick up stacy with edie, my girls from work, got some coronas and went to the beach. we went jet skiing and just chilled. i really want one :) haha it was awesome. then they had to go to work so stacy brought me home. i'm so burnt from the sun, just in random places too. it looks weird. so came home, had a slight nap, had a vodka and ice tea before stacy and laura came to pick me up to go to humphreys. i needed to keep my drunk going all day it was slowing down a little bit so i had to pick it up. got to humphreys for karoke night! shot of jager. went inside had a couple long islands. good times. everyone was there i was excited to see dan. it was so much fun, lauren came a little later and ashley was workin. we were GOING TO sing genie in a bottle, hahaha. but then i started getting a nasty head ache and went home. figures after i took some tylenol, mike offered to buy me a drink. it was very nice of him i just felt bad cuz i couldnt drink it after i took the tylenol.

friday i think we're still going to nikita <3 haha oh and i have a dentist appt friday. yay.

i really really really really cant wait to see incubus again! and i'm trying to switch saturday with sunday so i can work saturday instead of sunday. i'll just tell them i took the wrong day off.

Posted on 2007.07.02 at 14:36
well i got my computer back :) but unfortunately i dont have any of my pics/videos on it. :(


foot thongs!

Posted on 2007.06.25 at 14:22
Current Mood: happyhappy
my grandma bought me feet thongs from bermuda! haha i'm wearing them now. its fun :) haha

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this is the best my camera does. with some alterations...but i CAN take pictures and see them once they're on my computer, but i just cant see what im taking a picture of, cuz there isnt even a viewfinder, i just have to look throw my screen (which is broken) and i cant review them till they're on my computer.

things are going great right now. im sooo happy happy joy joy! softball yesterday was awesome. i really like playing and i want to play again. i'm going to watch dan play today. then we're going to go to his house cuz its his mom's birthday :) my camera is broken :( which makes me sad cuz i wanted to take pictures. hopefully i can find the receipt cuz i know i didnt throw it out. its gotta be somewhere in my room. otherwise i'm gonna have to buy another $300 camera. i dont think its the lens cuz when i go to take pictures or review them the screen is white. so unbelieveably gay. if the camera was cheap i probably wouldnt have been that angry, but just cuz im low on money means i cant even buy a new one. its sad. i love my camera, i cant live without it. lol ok gettting dramatic!!! ok. i want to go on a cruise, so i can wear my foot thongs hahaha. exciting. and just to go on a cruise cuz i want to bad bad bad bad baaaadd. its a song.

Posted on 2007.05.13 at 00:33
Happy Birthday Danny!!! ♥

I love you :)

And to all the Mommies out there...Happy Mother's Day! ♥


st pattys day

Posted on 2007.03.17 at 10:35
Happy St. Patty's Day!
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Posted on 2006.12.29 at 00:52

i'm not a teenager anymore! xoxoxo

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